Aging Safely at Home: Essential Modifications

Aging Safely at Home: Essential Modifications

According to a study conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), around 90% of seniors prefer to age in their homes rather than go to an assisted living facility or nursing home. So, if you or an older family member is planning on retiring at home, it’s important to make home modifications to ensure safety.

As an established home health care agency in Dallas, Texas, Advant Home Health Services, Inc. will share the essential modifications you need to make at home to enable seniors to age safely in place:

  • Install grab bars.
    In addition to the assistance provided by a home health aide, installing grab bars in high-risk rooms is essential to maintain safety. Areas in the bathroom like the shower or bathtub should have grab bars to prevent seniors from slipping and falling down.
  • Add an outdoor ramp.
    Outdoor ramps near your home’s entrance make it more convenient for seniors to move around. It not only enables wheelchair access but also eliminates the need to navigate several steps. For seniors with balance issues, taking the ramp is easier and safer too.
  • Upgrade your home security.
    Technology has evolved in the past years, creating home monitoring systems tailored to meet the safety requirements for aging in place. There are devices like sensors that can monitor when a senior takes their medication. There are also sensors installed in doorways to alert family members or an emergency care service in case a senior spends an unusual amount of time inside a room which may indicate a need for help.
  • Enhance lighting.
    In addition to hiring home health care in Texas, improving the lighting in the house is also important. Installing bright lights in hallways and rooms can help seniors navigate their homes better.
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