Senior Care: Tips to Promote Personal Hygiene

Senior Care: Tips to Promote Personal Hygiene

When it comes to senior health, personal hygiene is highly important as it prevents infections from developing and enables seniors to maintain their self-esteem. However, there are many reasons why seniors refuse grooming and bathing, such as depression, cognitive impairment, and discomfort. As a leading provider of home health care in Texas, we will share effective tips to promote personal hygiene at home:

  • Frame the conversation positively
    When bringing up the topic with your senior loved one, positively approach the subject. When pointing out soiled clothing or body odor, be gentle with your language. Communicating effectively helps get to the root cause of their avoidance as well.
  • Consult your physician
    Visiting a physician can help convince your senior loved one to improve their personal hygiene. A physician can determine the cause of your family member’s behavior and provide encouragement. On the other hand, your elderly parent may be more likely to listen to their doctor’s advice more seriously.
  • Use the right bathing equipment and products
    Investing in the proper bathing equipment and products can be worthwhile as it provides seniors with more comfort and safety when bathing. This includes shower chairs, handheld showerheads, and bath lift chairs to make it easier for them.
  • Bring in a professional to help
    Another way to promote personal hygiene at home is to hire an experienced home health aide. This ensures your senior family member receives the support and care they need to maintain their cleanliness and health.

Advant Home Health Services, Inc. is a home health care agency in Dallas, Texas that can help look after your elderly family members. Feel free to browse our site or reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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