Chronic Pain Is the Last Thing a Senior Adult Needs


Many senior adults occasionally experience pains and discomfort when they do things like housework. If younger adults already complain about how tiring house chores are, can you imagine how the older ones feel?

Unlike the regular adults, Advant Home Health Services, Inc. believes that senior citizens no longer have the sufficient amount of strength and endurance to roam around the house to clean every floor, launder the dirty clothes, wash the dishes, and shop for groceries. Even if they try to do all those kinds of work, they will be so worn out that they may be at risk of falls, resulting in injury.

When a senior citizen is injured, they may experience chronic pain, mainly if their injury has resulted in nerve damage. The damaged nerve can make pain long-lasting and intense. Even if your senior loved one gets treated for their injury, it does not always mean that their chronic pain gets resolved as well.

Our home health care in Texas describes chronic pain as pain that lasts for several weeks. There may be a burning sensation, throbbing pain, or prickly feeling. Whichever it is that your senior adult may feel, it can utterly affect their quality of living. It can also make them grumpy towards other people because they feel terrible.

Doctors may prescribe some medication to treat the pain, which is why it is essential that you encourage your senior loved one to seek a healthcare professional for pain management. It may also be advisable for them to accept support from a home health care agency in Dallas, Texas for personal care.

If you know that your senior loved one is in need of a home health aide, then it is better if you hire one. They can administer personal care and light housekeeping. Call us today!

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