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Advant Home Health Services, Inc. strives to maintain quality care at the privacy of your home. Our agency was established to provide dedicated and personalized care to clients all over the state for many years through a team of licensed professionals.

What Home Health Aides Can Do for Your Beloved Seniors


Although it’s great to be hands-on in caring for your elderly loved ones, it also makes sense to hire a home health aide to help you with the household tasks. Doing this allows you to find time to relax and avoid getting exhausted. Here are the tasks home health aides can help you with:

  • Personal Hygiene

    Are your elderly loved ones having mobility difficulties? Or are they experiencing chronic degenerative diseases? If they are, they could use certain help from a provider of home health care in Texas in doing their daily hygiene routines. The health aide can assist with their bathing, toileting, and dressing.

  • Meal Preparation

    Proper diet and nutrition is a huge part of elderly care. Coupled with supplements and meds, elderly people rely heavily on foods to get their body’s daily nutrient needs. If you don’t have time to cook, you can delegate the food preparation to the home health aide. Remember that meal preparation is one of the services offered at a home health care agency in Dallas, Texas.

  • Assistance and Companionship to Doctor’s Appointments

    You can also rely on the home health aide to accompany your beloved seniors to their doctor’s appointments. They can even set up the appointments and arrange transportation so that the trip would be convenient. Aside from physical assistance, home health aides can also give emotional support to your seniors at home. They can listen to their concerns while you’re at work.

Having a home health aide at home can certainly save you from the utter stress of managing the household alongside your office tasks on your own. If you’re looking for someone to hire, you can count on Advant Home Health Services, Inc. The company has a team of health aides you can hire to take care of your beloved elderly at home.

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