Seniors Need Their Personal Hygiene

Seniors Need Their Personal Hygiene

To maintain good health, your elderly need to follow proper routines for personal hygiene. As a home health care agency in Dallas, Texas, Advant Home Health Services, Inc. offers trained home health aide to personally assist your loved ones with activities for personal hygiene such as:

  • Oral and dental care.
    Seniors need to understand the importance of oral and dental health care. Having oral and dental complications can damage their systemic health and cause unbearable pain in their gums. Therefore, they need to follow through with their routines for oral hygiene and dental checkups.
  • Skin care.
    As you age, your oil glands minify, resulting in dehydrated skin. Bacteria can easily puncture your dry skin and causes infection. Seniors need to keep their skin clean and moisturized for healthy skin.
  • Toileting.
    Seniors’ need to flush out all harmful toxins and unwanted fats from their body as much as possible for their health to improve quickly.
  • Dressing and undressing.
    Seniors need to change into clean clothes regularly. Sweat attracts bacteria, resulting in body odor; therefore, this can make the seniors feel grimy and uncomfortable.
  • Grooming.
    Seniors need to look good to feel good. Bringing out their best look improves their mood.

Of course, there are a lot more. Advant Home Health Services, Inc. provides home health care in Texas not because we only want to have an active part in the community. We assist because we genuinely care about our patients and their well-being.

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