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Advant Home Health Services, Inc. strives to maintain quality care at the privacy of your home. Our agency was established to provide dedicated and personalized care to clients all over the state for many years through a team of licensed professionals.

Providing Support to Your Seniors Diagnosed With Diabetes


As we age, controlling and managing diabetes can become more difficult. If your senior has diabetes, you may need to get a home health aide to help them adjust to this health situation. A home health professional can provide a home health plan that is right for your loved one and make sure they abide by them. They also take care of monitoring blood sugar levels and checking their vital signs for any possible complications. On top of that, they can accompany them to their doctor’s appointments or other health checkups.

At Advant Home Health Services, Inc., we want your seniors to learn how to improve their health and wellness. It will help them control and manage diabetes if they follow their home health plan. They can learn this all from the comfort of their home. The home health plan includes, but not limited to:

  • Taking prescribed medicines
  • Observing a balanced and healthy diet
  • Performing exercises to lower down blood sugar levels
  • Testing the blood sugar

As a home health care agency in Dallas, Texas, we go all-out on ensuring that the members of our society get the highest quality of health care and management from experts. We have trained staff members that are carefully selected based on the willingness to provide personal care, as well as medical experience and expertise.

If you have any questions about our home health care in Texas or services, please feel free to contact us.

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