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Advant Home Health Services, Inc. strives to maintain quality care at the privacy of your home. Our agency was established to provide dedicated and personalized care to clients all over the state for many years through a team of licensed professionals.

Cases Where Seniors Might Need Physical Therapy

Cases Where Seniors Might Need Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is simple. It’s to make seniors’ daily activities easier. Therapists create unique treatment plans composed of various methods to help restore movement and alleviate pain.

Most treatment plans involve simple exercises like walking and stretching. Some mobility tools are also used in certain situations. Other forms of therapies can also come into play, especially when it comes to pain reduction.

Advant Home Health Services, Inc. is a home health care agency in Dallas, Texas specializing in physical therapy for the elderly. We aim to help them achieve self-sufficiency and physical independence after whatever condition they were exposed to.

Different conditions can require seniors to go through therapy. Some of them are listed below.

  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Pain in different areas of the body
  • Recovery from stroke
  • Complications of Diabetes
  • Injury recovery and post-operation

Most of the circumstances mentioned are degenerative and often affecting movement. Some of them are also lifestyle diseases. A senior going through these challenges experiences difficulty in completing simple tasks like eating, homecare, and grooming. Because of this, a home health aide might be of great help. They will keep the senior company and support them throughout their recovery.

We have excellent staff who can provide home health care in Texas. We make sure your senior loved ones’ needs are attended and focus on their welfare. You can trust that we will show compassion and respect toward our senior patients.

Reach out to us to know more about our various services.

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