Addressing your speech difficulties to improve your communication

Speech is vital in our day-to-day living. Without such, we would experience sheer difficulty in expressing ourselves and in communicating with others.
Yes, deficient or lacking communication skills are difficult to handle, but not impossible. It involves a lot of hurdles, but with proper guidance, then the problem can be easily remedied.

Speech therapy or Speech Pathology includes services for the rehabilitation of individuals experiencing problems in communication.
Here at Advant Home Health Services, Inc., we provide services for both the pediatric and geriatric populations. We will steer you towards the restoration of your speech faculties. We will find ways so that the difficulty caused by disorders will be reduced to a minimum.

Our basic services for speech therapy include:

  • Auditory Training
  • Speech Exercises

For inborn and permanent impairments, our services include:

  • Sign Language Tutorial
  • Training for Lip Reading

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