Holistic Approach to HOME HEALTH CARE



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Advant Home Health Services, Inc. strives to maintain quality care at the privacy of your home. Our agency was established to provide dedicated and personalized care to clients all over the state for many years through a team of licensed professionals.

Holistic Approach to Home Healthcare

Advant Home Health Services Holistic Approach to Home Healthcare

content imageThe staff at Advant Home Health Services, Inc. employ a holistic approach to care. We want to make sure that all your health management needs are addressed – physically and emotionally. Throughout the provision of care, our staff will be there to support you as you recover or retire in your own home.

Advant Home Health Services, Inc. is composed of skilled nurses, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, home health aides, and medical social workers who all attained the education needed in our work and are licensed as required. We are stringently examined upon joining this company. We undergo examinations and thorough background checkups. These tests in fact include drug testing and criminal background check up, medical history and other important histories about ourselves.

Besides all these academic qualities, Advant Home Health Services, Inc. staffs are guaranteed ethical, compassionate, emotionally stable, versatile, good listeners, prompt, and truly committed in giving you the best healthcare experience.

You are completely safe in your own home and you receive the best care from the staff at Advant Home Health Services. If this is something that you would like to experience at home, please call 214-553-9712.

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Based in Dallas, Texas and servicing the surrounding counties.

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please contact us at 214-553-9712 Advanthhs@yahoo.com

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