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Advant Home Health Services, Inc. strives to maintain quality care at the privacy of your home. Our agency was established to provide dedicated and personalized care to clients all over the state for many years through a team of licensed professionals.


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Managing Early Symptoms of Dementia Among the Elderly

Dementia is a condition that affects many seniors. Our physical and mental functions will eventually deteriorate along with age. However, it can be riskier for people who have dementia. There’s no known cure for the condition. The best thing to … Continue reading

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Importance of Detecting Early Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia is a condition that affects the majority of seniors. It is characterized by a decline in mental functions, particularly memory. As the condition progresses, it can eventually pose danger to the patient and family members. There’s no known cause … Continue reading

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Cases Where Seniors Might Need Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is simple. It’s to make seniors’ daily activities easier. Therapists create unique treatment plans composed of various methods to help restore movement and alleviate pain. Most treatment plans involve simple exercises like walking and stretching. … Continue reading

Choose the Right Partner

Quality care matters in giving your elderly loved ones a quality life. That is why carefully choosing the best home health care is essential in making sure that they receive the love and care they deserve. Advant Home Health Services, … Continue reading

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Improved Way of Caring for Aging Family Members

Time never stops. It always moves forward. In the same way, aging is inevitable. For people, time wears us out eventually. When we reach our senior years, we begin to experience changes. Some of it can be gradual; some can … Continue reading

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Dangers of UTIs for the Elderly

A urinary tract infection (UTI) can prove deadly, especially for the sick and elderly. With the number of patients developing UTIs post-discharge, a new study from the Oregon State University suggests that better monitoring is needed after leaving the hospital, … Continue reading

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